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Unique variation of sports

During X2 Festivalen you can participate or watch competitions such as surf, skate, free ride, randonee, base, speed flying, kayak, biking and more. We are especially proud of our unique surf/skate/snow competition TrippelX!

Awesome artists and exciting speakers

When all the thrilling competitions are over for the day, we all gather in the festival area. Here you can experience the best artists Norway can offer, and listen to stories from extreme speakers.


Powered by volunteers ♥︎

The festival that was started over ten years ago by students at Volda University College, is still powered by dedicated students and volunteers.

X2 Festivalen
Postboks 249
6101 Volda, Norway
X2 Festivalen
Postboks 249
6101 Volda, Norway

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